Vush Is Running A 30-Day Masturbation Challenge

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If you're someone who masturbates regularly, you're probably well aware of all the benefits — better sleep, reduced stress, a boost in mood, you get to know your body better, what makes you orgasm, and develop a better attitude toward female pleasure. They're endless really, and because of this, Aussie sexual wellness company Vush is encouraging you to do more of it with the #ICOMEFIRST masturbation challenge.
The #ICOMEFIRST masturbation challenge is encouraging vulva owners to masturbate every day for 30-days and journal their experience. Throughout the month they'll also give you a daily challenge to help keep things interesting, think new positions, erotica and toys to try.
The best part about this whole thing though, aside from the added encouragement to masturbate every day for a month, is that when you sign up, you score a sweet discount code for 50% off Vush’s best-selling Empress 2 vibrator.
See that little baddie? She could be all yours. Apparently, the Empress 2 mimics the sensation of really good oral sex, is whisper-quiet and packs an almighty punch. Have we piqued your interest?
Here’s how you can get started on the 30-day masturbation challenge.

1. Set Up Your 30-Day Masturbation Challenge Calendar or a reminder

Vush is encouraging you to take charge of your self-care routine and pencil in a little me time to masturbate each day. When you sign up for VUSH’s 30-Day Masturbation Challenge, they’ll send you out a digital calendar outlining a different challenge for each day. The challenges range from new positions to try and erotica recommendations to possible locations to masturbate at — think shower, loungeroom etc.

2. Journal Your Experience

If you're already an avid journaler, you know that it's an excellent way to learn more about yourself at any point in life. Hence why Vush is encouraging you to keep a masturbation journal of sorts throughout your 30-day masturbation journey.
Take note of what you like and what you don't like, how you feel before, during and post-cum throughout the challenge, and reflect on those feelings. Learn about your orgasms and what gets you there.

3. Use Lube

We don't know why lube gets such a bad wrap. So many people don’t realise how much lube adds to the experience of masturbation (and partnered sex, for that matter). It removes awkward, dry friction and adds a layer of sensuality and massage to the experience if you let it. Use the masturbation month to experiment and play with different types of lube, you might be surprised by what you enjoy.
Just remember, silicone-based lube cannot be used with silicone sex toys, and oil-based lube can break down condoms.

4. Use Vibrators

Whether you’re keen to upgrade from the ol' analogue masturbation or are just looking to add another vibrator to your arsenal, this challenge is the perfect excuse.
If you ask us, a good vibrator is essential for a 30-Day Masturbation Challenge, and having a variety of vibrators to choose from each day is even better.
That’s where the 50% off Vush’s best-selling Empress 2 comes in handy (in more ways than one). When you sign up you'll get sent a discount code to use at the checkout.
If you’re keen to partake in the big month of maz, you can sign up here.

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