21 People Tell Us When, How & Why They Last Masturbated

Photographed by Lexi Laphor.
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Wank, mazz, masturbate. The practice of getting yourself off has been referred to by many names, and it makes sense, given that the experience is uniquely personal. How we do it, why we do it and how often we do it varies immensely.
Masturbating is a form of self-care — it reduces stress, helps with sleep, improves self-esteem and even decreases menstrual pain. We asked around and 21 Australians were eager to share the details of their last masturbation sesh with us. Here, we hear about the range of reasons that made people want to masturbate, including using an electric toothbrush on a work trip, needing to get rid of menstrual blood clots in the shower, simply being bored and being turned on by a TV show.
Read on for their accounts, you saucy minxes.
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