A Third Of Pakistan Is Under Water — Here’s How To Help From Here

In Pakistan, 'unprecedented' rains caused by climate change have left a third of the country underwater, killing 1,100 people and leaving 10 million people homeless and desperate for urgent assistance. In a chilling tweet following an appeal for USD $160 million, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said, "Today, it is Pakistan. Tomorrow, it could be your country."
The UN Refugee Agency has also urged a massive scaling up of international support. "Rain and floods have been catastrophic for millions of people. We urgently need global support and solidarity for Pakistan in these dire times,’’ Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said.
We know that women often disproportionately bear the brunt of the impact of a crisis. Over the last year alone, we've seen this unfold in Afghanistan and Ukraine. In Pakistan, with almost one million houses damaged in the floods, women are at increased risk for gender-based violence, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). There are also 650,000 pregnant women that have been impacted by the floods, of whom 73,000 are expected to give birth in the next month, and in dire need of health services.
With millions of people left without food, water, healthcare or vital supplies, flood-ravaged Pakistan needs help more than ever. Here are a few ways you can make an impact.


UNICEF is on the ground in three provinces of Pakistan, providing safe drinking water, vaccines, medical supplies and sanitation to children and families. It reports that it has provided 8,000 people with access to water and delivered soap to 7,000 families impacted by the floods so far. You can donate to UNICEF here.


Local non-profit organisation Alkhidmat is on the ground in flood-impacted areas across Pakistan, providing tarpaulins, tents, food and medical supplies. The team has donated food to 122,004 families thus far. You can donate to Alkhidmat here.

World Food Programme (WFP)

The world's largest organisation focused on hunger and food security, World Food Programme is supporting the government of Pakistan in its efforts to provide immediate food assistance to people in areas impacted most by flooding. You can donate to WFP here.

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

Pakistan is home to 1.3 million registered Afghan refugees. So far, UNHCR has delivered relief items in the areas hit worst, and provided refugee villages and host communities with tents, menstrual products, blankets, stoves and lamps. You can donate to UNHCR here.

Save The Children

Save the Children has an active flood response in the provinces of Baluchistan, KP and Sindh, where it is providing food, clean water and hygiene kits, basic health services, life-saving nutrition support for pregnant women and children as well as emergency cash transfers for families to buy food and other essentials. You can donate to Save The Children here.
Other reputable local organisations to donate to include The Citizens Foundation and Edhi Foundation. We will keep this list updated as the situation unfolds.
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