Mars In Pisces Means We Can Expect Some Turbulence

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Mars, the Planet of Action, is on the move, and this time it's leaving forward-thinking Aquarius and entering the dreamy sign of Pisces. Fair warning: this placement is a bit tricky for Mars to be in, so from April 14 to May 24, expect some turbulence.
Mars usually likes to hang out in fire and air signs, so watery Pisces is kind of killing the vibe. "In astrology, Mars runs drive and assertion, so during the weeks that the warrior planet is in Pisces, we will all feel less motivated to go after our goals," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. "We will feel low energy and in need of more rest, sometimes trading workouts for rest and naps." In other words, our productivity will plummet.
Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, agrees, saying that Mars in Pisces can often seem like moving through fog, not knowing where we will end up. "The greater gift of this sign, however, is being able to conceptualise the bigger picture and wait until the time is right as opposed to jumping on every apparent opportunity that comes up," she says.
Feeling foggy and a bit lazy isn't necessarily a bad thing. Being overworked and burned out isn't good for anyone, so this next month can be a dedicated reset (think baths, massages, naps, even leisurely midday strolls through the park). Mars in Pisces also tends to bring out our compassionate sides; we'll all be feeling a little friendlier. "We are way more thoughtful in the way we act and we tiptoe around our actions, as we are most likely to avoid hurting other people’s feelings," Montúfar says. "Mars in Pisces makes us prioritise other peoples’ desires over our own needs."
One thing to note? This transit can hold us back from attaining our desires, according to Lisa Stardust, author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck, because we may let our fear of failure consume us. And although Mars doesn't love being in Pisces, this energy is actually pretty great for our creative and spiritual sides, as well manifesting our desires. Stardust says that "we can use the energy to dream and visualise what we want to attain," but "taking action may be hard to do in the present time." Instead of leaping into action, take a beat. Write down your dreams in a journal, and prepare for the hot summer that's to come.
There are some dates to look out for during this low-energy transit. "Between May 10 and May 24, Mars will be traveling very close to Neptune and Jupiter, the two planetary rulers of Pisces," says Montúfar. "This combination is primed for creating a vision — and if we can avoid getting lost in fantasy, we can use it to bring this vision to reality."
More specifically, we should be on the lookout for May 18, when Mars meets with unpredictable Neptune in Pisces. Astrologer Stephanie Campos warns us that Neptune's elusive fog will keep us guessing. "We may not have the full picture at this time since Neptune can deplete Mars of some of its drive and energy," she says. "We may be struggling with energy fluctuations or second-guessing our actions." On this day, Campos advises us to be gentle with ourselves and follow where our creative spirit wants to take us — it'll lead us in the right direction.
Right before Mars leaves Pisces to enter Aries, the Planet of Action will form a sextile with Pluto, inspiring positive change in our emotional life. "This is an ambitious aspect that gives us the strength and stamina to achieve even the most unrealistic tasks," says Montúfar. Although the transit starts off slow and sluggish, we'll end on a high note — and we'll be ready to move forward.
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