Lovehoney’s Sex Toy Advent Calendar Is Here & Saving You Over $480

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Whether it's a viral wand or a soul-snatching suction vibrator, we have infinite love in our hearts for all kinds of sex toys. And no retailer understands that love more than Lovehoney. The online sex toy destination knows the one thing that will help you stay warm as the weather starts to cool off. That's right — Lovehoney's ultra-stocked Sex Toy Advent Calendars are back, baby, and this year they are bigger and better than ever.
These hotly anticipated advent calendars are gifting gems that (without fail) sell out earlier and earlier. If you want to be surprised by the daily contents of your 24-piece Lovehoney x Womanizer Sex Toy Advent Calendar or your 12-piece Lovehoney Rose Sex Toy Advent Calendar, we totally understand (is there anything more exciting than opening up your advent calendar day at a time?!). So, to keep the mystery alive, read no further and head to However, if you want to know all the juicy details and see which one best suits your sex toy needs, keep scrolling and hear my firsthand review of all the sexy surprises that lie within.
In case you couldn't tell from the crazed excitement in my eyes, there is something so incredibly satisfying about this 24-piece assortment of sex toys from Lovehoney. Not only is the massive haul worth over $800 but the advent countdown is specifically curated to "tantalise and tease" with each reveal, building all December long until its satisfying finish. As a Jewish girl, this was my first real experience with an advent calendar and I didn't realize how much anticipation would accompany opening up the "toy of the day," which ranged from bondage accessories, sensory toys, massagers, and of course, luxury vibrators. After opening the first day, I was hooked.

What's included in the Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toy Advent Calendar?

Opening each day feels like going on an adventure as you discover what would be featured behind each door. Here is the full comprehensive list of what's stored in this advent calendar:

- USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator
- Mini Massage Wand Vibrator
- Finger Vibrator Sleeve (compatible with bullet vibrator)
- Nipple Clamps
- Couples Cock Ring (also compatible with bullet vibrator)
- Under-Mattress Restraints
- Ankle Restraints
- Cock Ring
- G-Spot Dildo
- Ribbed Stroker
- Crystal Butt Plug
- Anal Beads
- Sex Dice
- Body Massager (best paired with a splash of massage oil)
- Sex Position Card Game
- G-Spot Massager
- Blindfold
- Textured Stroker
- Wrist Restraints
- Mini Paddle
- Mint Massage Balm
- Vanilla Massage Oil
- Sandalwood-Scented Candle
There is not a sensation or stimulation that's left out from this wide array of sex toys — BDSM exploration, anal-curious toys, and a surprisingly fun addition of a finger vibe (just slide onto your finger and buzz yourself to climactic oblivion), just to name a few. I was particularly fond of the how-to-use booklet, which described each reveal and the best way to use it (making it particularly beginner and user-friendly). But the most valuable inclusion is saved for December 24 and is sure to lead you to an XXX-mas Eve for the books. Behind the final door lies the calendar's hero product: the Womanizer Classic 2, a luxury vibrator that retails for $199.99 on its own (and officially makes this a serious steal!).

What's to love about the Womanizer Classic 2?

Upon pulling this out of the final spot in the advent calendar, I literally gasped. The suction vibrator is a staple in Womanizer's lineup that uses ten intensities of the brand's patented Pleasure Air Technology that runs from "whisper-quiet" to "you won't be able to stay quiet" for thrilling non-touch stimulation fans are obsessed with. "This is the best toy I’ve ever used. Hands down," raves one reviewer, "The gradual increase in intensity is just perfect. If you get one vibrator, make it this one." While most Womanizer suction vibrators range from three to five intensities, the Classic 2 doubles that option, ratcheting up its suction via ten increasing levels sure to blow you (and your clit) away. That's because Womanizer is responsible for pioneering the suction technology that's become a mainstay in the sex toy industry. It's little wonder it's been fully perfected twenty years after its launch.
As well as its ten incredible intensities, Womanizer Classic 2 is also famous for its redesigned ergonomic shape (which is coated in a softer-than-soft silicone) and the toy's impressive four-hour run time. Considering I was able to coax myself to an impressive orgasm within about 90 seconds, you could treat yourself to a whopping 160 climaxes before this thing even needs a recharge.

Despite Womanizer boasting the toy's high-intensity (and pretty much unrivalled) clitoral stimulation strength, I was most excited to try out the new model's exciting 'Afterglow' setting. In the simplest of terms, the clitoris is at its most sensitive immediately upon (and after) orgasming, so the Afterglow function quickly reverts the Classic to its lowest intensity, allowing you to follow your climax to the most relaxing finish, rather than an overstimulated (oftentimes) painful one. Though it took me a few seconds into my full body-clenching orgasm to figure it out (pro-tip: it's just a short press of the power button that activates this mode!), I was able to finish painlessly. If a soothing come down that sends you into a relaxing, sleepy, and sated come down sounds appealing to you, too, do not sleep on this purchase.
Though I didn't receive the Lovehoney Rose Sex Toy Advent Calendar, I am already well acquainted with the toy's most prominent feature: the Lovehoney Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator, $89.99, and its soul-snatching capabilities. In fact, the whole internet seems convinced that there is no better option out there for someone who wants their clit sucked, and tbh, we get it.

This 12-piece advent calendar is filled with sex toys that are aimed not only to tantalise and tease but to push you to your stimulation limit (and look cute while doing so). Behind the closed doors of this advent calendar, you'll find $225 worth of red and glittery toys sure to get you and your libido into the holiday spirit:

- Lovehoney Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator
- USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator
- Metal Butt Plug With Crystal Base
- Silicone Non-Realistic G-Spot Dildo
- Satin Blindfold
- Silicone Kegal Balls
- G-Spot Vibrator
- Sex Dice
- Nipple Clamps
- Silicone Anal Beads
- Orgasm Balm

Though it contains half the amount of toys as its counterpart, each product has been specifically included to push your pleasure to the max by the sex geniuses at Lovehoney (who pride themselves on having 20 years of experience helping boost customers' sexual happiness). The bullet vibrator is a versatile inclusion and is compatible with three of the other toys. From foreplay to solo sex to partnered experiences, this sex toy calendar is no slouch when it comes to, well... making you come.

Why do fans love the Lovehoney Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator?

No toy has proved that more than the rose vibrator, with over 850 pleased reviewers singing its praise. "I have never had such intense orgasms," says one reviewer. Another said it was responsible for her first orgasm in five years. "Magnificent," is a word that is thrown around a bunch, as well as many claiming it as the "best sex toy" in their arsenal.

Overhyped? Nah. This suction vibrator, which clocks in at $89.99 on its own, is a viral sensation for a reason. Though fans warn it can get a little loud (whisper-quiet is not listed among its attributes), the ten-speed and six-pattern toy will make you even louder.

Honestly, if you don't have the rose yet, purchasing this unique advent calendar is a no-brainer.
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