I Tried Lelo’s Newest Vibrator & It Impressed My Oversensitive Clit

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It's no secret that Lelo sex tech is some of the best on the market. It has perfected its lineup, ensuring that every sex toy it sells delivers maximum pleasure to bodies in new, exciting ways. Truly, it's its innovation when it comes to its luxury vibrators that has made R29 shoppers obsessed with Lelo's self-lauded "clitorally mindblowing" products. Yes, it's true: Lelo's dedication to stimulating our clits is highly impressive.
In fact, last year, our most-purchased sex toy was the brand's Sona 2 Cruise, a clitoral vibrator that uses sonic airwaves to penetrate deep into the clitoris for a more effective, earth-shattering orgasm — something I'd never seen before (or since) in a sex toy. It's this inventive technology that keeps Lelo at the top of our list, curious as to what its researchers will come up with next and how they could possibly outdo themselves.
Well, hold onto your clits, y'all, because Lelo has added a new vibrator to its already-impressive lineup, and to no one's surprise — it's another cutting-edge powerhouse.

Dot is Lelo's newest clitoral vibrator, which promises the ability to help shoppers have multiple orgasms, and has steadily climbed the ranks in popularity since its launch last year. Despite its hefty promise (multiple orgasms? in this economy?), reviews already boast a steady stream of pleased users, who have declared it "an instant favourite for couples or solo play". One satisfied customer simply states, "Intense". While another raves about the vibrator's ability to "generate leg quivering, lip-biting orgasms over and over". You get the picture. Available in two chic colours — aqua or lilac — Lelo's newest vibrator deserved a firsthand test run to really see if its performance lived up to the reviews.

"Most intense orgasms of my life. Over and over and over and over."

tenby, lelo reviewer
The secret to Dot's incredible orgasms lies within the brand's patented Infinite Loop Technology, which uses an elliptical figure-eight motion instead of a traditional vibrator's standard mechanical buzz. By orbiting (or looping) around your erogenous zones (the site says to imagine it like an infinity symbol), Dot delivers precise stimulation via its eight vibration patterns exactly where you want it, and without overstimulation.
What does that mean exactly? Well, let's just say the brand promises to deliver infinite pleasure to every part of your clit, coming at it from all angles so your every nerve feels the maximum amount of pleasure. "Traditional vibrators may numb the area around the clitoris and, more often than not, prevent you from experiencing multiple orgasms," Lelo writes. "But, thanks to its soft and bendable tip and revolutionary elliptical motion, Lelo Dot offers a versatile approach to self-pleasure."
As one reviewer puts it, "The Lelo Dot is remarkable. It is indeed a precision instrument... The vast majority of vibrators leave me disappointed and often numb. The Lelo Dot has restored my faith in being able to experience amazing pleasure and climax".
The shape of the soft silicone tip combined with this new motion provides users with a unique sensation that's hard to describe. As someone who frequently deals with clitoral numbness due to oversensitivity, I was thrilled to discover that Dot delivered pleasure as promised. Because of the constantly moving elliptical motion, I felt that I could work myself up to arousal much slower than usual. Almost as if I were teasing myself to completion, something I had not experienced from a traditional clitoral vibrator before. It also allowed easy maneuvering, so I could stimulate the sides of my clitoris, which only added to the uniqueness of the sensation. And though I personally did not attempt multiple orgasms (sometimes the one just takes you out, okay?), I could absolutely see that it might be possible, if I tried for it.

Exactly as advertised.

lelo reviewer
A deeper dive into Dot's reviews revealed that customers were also pleased with the vibrator's ability to be used during couples' sex as well as solo. The shape is almost like a long teardrop with an extended tip, which I worried would be hard to hold, but because of the broad side, I was able to hold it firmly in place, moving it easily. I could see how it would be a perfect shape to place between two bodies. One reviewer exclaims that the narrow tip made it ideal to use during cowgirl-style sex, while another said they were able to deliver multiple orgasms to their partner for the first time ever. Though I have only used it solo, I appreciate the versatility of a toy that doesn't limit itself to one use — especially at Lelo's luxury price point.

Worth it. Better than......*insert the best thing ever*

mew mew, lelo reviewer
Among Dot's other impressive features are a wide range of vibration intensities and patterns, ranging from a soft murmur all the way to a thrumming pulse. It's also 100% waterproof, whisper-quiet, and looks adorable in any of the two available colourways. Simply stated: Yes, Dot does live up to its hype, and we look forward to experiencing whatever the sex geniuses at Lelo want to cook up for us next. Our clits are ready.

"I came 4 times in an hour."

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