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Where Did The ‘Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls’ TikTok Trend Come From?

Image via Fishdress/TikTok.
Self-deprecation is out, shameless self-love is in. In the era of hot girl summer and main character energy, Internet users are embracing a newfound confidence — or at least, that's what the lingo is projecting.
You might have noticed your TikTok scrolls and Instagram captions infiltrated with one such phrase: gorgeous, gorgeous girls.
From the outside, it appears to be an endearing, uplifting affirmation of sorts. But where did this saying originate? How do you even incorporate it in your vocab? Fear not my friend, you too will soon be a gorgeous, gorgeous girl.

Who Started The 'Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls' Trend?

@fishdress soup is my favorite food (: #fyp #foryou #soup #gorgeous @cigbunny2001 ♬ original sound - 🩰 ren 🤎
In August 2021, TikTok user Serena, aka @fishdress, uploaded a video with their friend @cigbunny2001, both of them enjoying bowls of pasta soup. "Gorgeous, gorgeous girls love soup. Soup girls are the most popular girls in the chicken coop," Serena begin. "I love you, you love me. We love soup, la di da," their friend continues, wearing a blue sparkly trucker hat.
In a grungy graphic tee and fishnet gloves, Serena continues to riff, "Soup queens are soup fiends. And soup fiends get the greens. So eat your soup and you'll be cool. I like soup, bye."

"Gorgeous, gorgeous girls love soup. Soup girls are the most popular girls in the chicken coop."

SERENA, @fishdress
"what Nicki Minaj song is this," reads one comment. "this is what my brain does when im trying to sleep," reads another.
The video itself has just over two million views and 340,000 likes, which isn't uncommon in TikTok territory. However, the opening lines of the video caught on in a remarkable way. Currently, the hashtag #gorgeousgorgeousgirls has more than 300 million views, and even the ultra-specific hashtag #gorgeousgorgeousgirlslovesoup boasts almost 10 million views.

How Do I Use 'Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls'?

Put simply, 'gorgeous, gorgeous girls' is being used as a catchcry for lumping a group of people, typically women, together around a certain activity. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls, in fact, don't just love soup. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls save their money and learn how how to do their own nails. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls don't cry over grades that are below an A. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls sometimes get indecisive about what to cook for dinner and so they take bites from a bunch of random stuff in their kitchen until those bites eventually add up to a meal.
The trend can be used for aspirational, relatable or humourous content. The world's your oyster, when you are a gorgeous, gorgeous girl.
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