CBD Lube Is Now Available In Australia — But How Does It Work?

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Lube generally isn't considered sexy. Though it's untrue, lubricants are often viewed as evidence of sexual dysfunction; an artificial liquid to make up for a lack of 'natural' desire. That's why most lubes end up being shamefully relegated to the back of bedside drawers.
But the conversation around lube is slowly changing. As sexual taboos continue to be challenged, more people are embracing sexual wellness products. A growing number of local brands are set on modernising lube; one of which is Lovers, a Melbourne-based brand dreamt up by childhood friends. Gynaecologist, obstetrician and fertility expert Dr Raelia Lew, alongside Jordana Morrison who has had 20 years of business experience across beauty, fashion and lifestyle, launched a line of evidence-backed, luxury intimate moisturisers late last year. 
To date, Lovers has launched six lubricants, three of which require a prescription from a medical practitioner. Among these, the one that piqued our interest most was Easy Love, a lube that holds CBD (cannabinoid) extracted from cannabis at 1% strength.
As a gynaecologist, Dr Lew treats people in various life stages, commonly seeing people with vulvas who are suffering from conditions like vaginismus, endometriosis or those who are going through menopause. At the same time, she became tired of the “icky, yucky and sticky” lubricants found commercially and in her practice. 
“It just occurred to me; why doesn't a product exist that fulfils the needs that we have for a lubricant, but also feels beautiful and luxurious?” Dr Lew tells Refinery29 Australia.

"We say CBD gives the chill without the high."

dr raelia lew
Though CBD is yet to fully break into the Australian market, internationally, it’s widely used to treat various medical and mood concerns. “CBD is a cannabinoid that has no hallucinogenic properties, but it does have some psychogenic, anxiolytic (reduction of anxiety) properties without having the ability to bring on hallucinations,” Dr Lew explains. “We say CBD gives the chill without the high.”
Dr Lew is realistic about the benefits, carefully mentioning that it’s not a magic potion, but rather something that can help make someone feel more relaxed, which in turn, can help achieve a heightened orgasm
She recommends applying the product 20 to 30 minutes before getting intimate (with a partner or by yourself). “I prescribe a lot of medications vaginally because it absorbs really well and gets into the system relatively quickly… we know the vagina is a great conduit for molecules into the bloodstream,” Dr Lew adds.
We know that sex is never just about the physical, but is intertwined with cultural, mental and environmental factors. “A woman's biggest erogenous zone is her brain. That's incontestable,” Dr Lew says. “You can't tackle the subject of female pleasure without being a little bit cerebral.” 
Please note: the medical information in this article is general in nature. Please always consult your GP to obtain advice specific to your medical condition.  
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