DIY Girlies Will Love Cardigang’s Knitting & Crocheting Kits

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As the year ticked over into 2023, I decided this would be the year I take up more hobbies in an effort to fall in love with downtime spent indoors.
You see, I do a lot of outdoor activities — surf, dive, wakeboard — but they're all pretty weather dependent, and I live on the Sunshine Coast. So you can almost guarantee that I'm left with very little to do on a rainy day other than binge-watch yet another TV series. The Vampire Diaries round 10, anyone?
So I went on the hunt to find some creative indoor pursuits and found the Melbourne-based fashion label Cardigang, which does the cutest knitting and crochet kits. One flick through Instagram and I instantly fell in love.
Designed for everyone, from beginners (lol, me) to expert needlers, Cardigang’s DIY kits give you everything you need to learn how to knit or crochet cardigans, vests and tops, bags and bucket hats.
Each kit comes with easy-to-follow written instructions and a QR code that leads to video tutorials. If you're new to knitting, you can also search the website by skill level if you're unsure which kit to purchase.
The yarn inside the kits is also made from 100% natural fibres, making each piece comfortable (read: not itchy) and breathable. You can also choose from a wide variety of bright, bold colours if you love a bit of dopamine dressing.
Cardigang's 'sizing' caters for 6-24. However, if you need your piece to be smaller or larger, there are some knitting techniques you can utilise to resize the garment slightly.
It's also worth noting that while knocking out one of their knits might be fast (depending on your skill level), this form of fashion isn’t.
Cardigang's aim is to fill your closet with statement pieces you created using your own hands — meaning it's absolutely acceptable to humbly brag about your amazing efforts.
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