9 Tips To Make Car Sex Amazing — From People Who’ve Actually Done It

Photo: Getty Images.
When it comes to sex in a car, the movies give us one message: Car sex is really hot. There's the steamy, passionate, hand-thrown-against-the-window car sex Jack and Rose have on Titanic, the spontaneous car makeout on The Virgin Suicides, and the tender moment between Lloyd and Diane after they have car sex in Say Anything.
But how much do these movie scenes mimic real life? We talked to people who've actually had sex in cars, and it's pretty clear that movies have led us astray. While car sex can be hot, passionate, and fun, it can also be pretty awkward. Most people struggle to find a position that works while cramped in the back (or front) seat of a car. Plus, there's always the worry that someone will catch you in the act.
Still, there are tips and tricks that people have learned along the way to make car sex less awkward and lower the risk of getting caught. Read on to learn from their mistakes (and to whip them out on your next road trip!).

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