7 People On Navigating Life With ADHD

Photograph via rudyjeanrigg/Instagram.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is no longer sidelined as a condition whose mascot is a fidgety teenage boy. In recent years, it has begun to receive the recognition and attention it deserves, as a growing number of Australians are being diagnosed with ADHD. It currently affects around 1 in 20 Aussies, but due to our expanding understanding of the disorder, more people are receiving diagnoses. 

The stereotype (and fact) that boys and men are more commonly diagnosed with ADHD isn’t because girls and women are less likely to have ADHD, it’s that they’ve been historically under-diagnosed. Medical misogyny means that generations of women receive late diagnoses — if at all. Studies have shown that up to three-quarters of adult women with ADHD are not formally diagnosed. 

ADHD presents itself differently in everyone and tropes of overactive boys in schoolyards fail to account for the unique experiences of women and gender-diverse people. Overlooked by the medical system, many people living with ADHD have taken matters into their own hands. Online spaces have been carved out to share experiences and advice with others who are neurodivergent

From a chore charm bracelet system to body double apps, creative solutions and workarounds are popular in the ADHD community. Here, we talk to seven Australians with ADHD and hear about their best tips for managing their diagnosis.
This article contains general information, and should not be understood as medical advice. Each individual's circumstances are different and should be discussed with a medical practitioner.
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