This New Moon In Pisces Is One Of The Most Positive Cosmic Events Of The Year

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In astrology, the moon controls our emotions and intuition. It dictates how we connect with others and express our thoughts — basically, it governs over all things relating to our deepest darkest selves. On March 2, we'll experience a new moon in Pisces, meaning that the emotional luminary will be in an even more sentimental astrological spot. While we'll be in our feels, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, even says that this is — without a doubt — one of the most positive new moons of 2022.
"Pisces is a gentle, psychic, ethereal, creative, and compassionate sign, and this moon will be all about defining your feelings and expanding or getting in touch with your dreams," says Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at New moons are often called celestial clean slates, so set an intention for the emotions you want to get in touch with for the rest of the moon's cycle this month.
This particular new moon is extra special because it's connecting with Jupiter, the Planet of Luck and the traditional planetary ruler of Pisces. Because of this, we can expect this lunation to be pretty emotionally fulfilling, according to Lisa Stardust, author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck. "The moon in conjunction with Jupiter brings a deeper energy to commit to home life and to nurture yourself as well as others through food, TLC, and lots of kindness," she says. To take advantage of this energy, host a dinner party with your friends, try out a new recipe, or reorganise your bedroom — in other words, do things that make you feel safe and secure.
Jupiter's influence may also have us going deep — like, really deep, since the planet is connected with our search for meaning. "You might find yourself looking for that meaning, and re-evaluating various spheres of your life such as career, relationship, and family connections," says Yana Yanovich, an astrologer at Nebula. "Use this opportunity to contemplate on the bigger questions in life rather than on day-to-day tasks. It may just bring you a very special revelation even if it is just confirming your current viewpoint." If you've been feeling the energy of our collective 2022 existential crisis, this new moon will be able to put you back on your feet — at least, for a little.
As always, there's some shadow energy to be aware of. "The flip side is that Jupiter can expand emotions, which can be intense if the energy is fraught," Stardust says. "The best way to handle the energy, if it becomes intense, is to take a deep breath and a bath to calm and wash away frustrations." If baths aren't your thing, don't sweat it — any relaxing activity can help put you at ease during the intensity of this new moon.
Although this new moon is in watery Pisces, we'll be influenced heavily by the sign of the sea goat. "Venus, Mars, and Pluto will be perfectly aligned in Capricorn, reawakening our ambition to build something meaningful," says Montúfar. "These three planets will also be activating the Lunar Nodes of Destiny, helping us close and open doors in order to welcome major positive transformations in our lives."
This combination of planets in Capricorn "add a dynamic and magnetic flavour to this new beginning," according to Madi Murphy, co-founder of the CosmicRx. "Meanwhile, Mercury and Saturn are closely connected, which adds some grounding and discerning support to our thoughts and actions," she says. "This all creates quite the cosmic cocktail, and it’s like our hearts are being stretched wide open to fit all of the cosmos in it."
Montúfar says that this new moon is "a golden opportunity to begin unlocking the gifts this year’s astrology has for us," and may feel like a turning point in our 2022 journey. "This is a time to relax and let go," Murphy says. "Dip your head back and let yourself melt into acceptance, self-compassion, and faith."
Emotional, sure. But this new moon is giving us a fresh start and a positive push towards the new astrological year ahead. The world is yours for the taking — just don't forget the tissues.
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