Mars In Sagittarius Is Hyping Up Your Holiday Parties (& Your Sex Life)

Photo: NASA/Getty Images.
The life of the party has entered the chat. At least, that's what Madi Murphy, the co-founder of The Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution, says about Mars moving into the fun-loving sign of Sagittarius. From December 13 to January 24, the Planet of Action, Aggression, and Sex will be in the adventurous, optimistic sign of the archer, and it's time to live life to the fullest.
"When Mars zooms through the mutable fire sign of the auspicious archer, we all get mega motivated by optimism, hope, faith and good ol’ fashioned fun — while being asked to expand our vision," says Murphy. Ambition and exuberance are taking a front seat for the next month, and our enthusiasm for life and all that it gives us is going to soar. It's a pretty special time; we can think of it like the energetic equivalent of that happy, festive rush of holiday parties that take place just before we prioritise winding down and preparing for the new year.
This transit will feel like a treat after what was, for many of us, another tough year. "This will be a much-needed surge of enthusiasm, optimism and hope that will light up your visions for 2022," Murphy says. "You may feel called towards doing something adventurous, travelling somewhere new, or finding something that gets your heart pumping." There are plenty of things you can do to honour this calling — all that Mars in Sagittarius asks is that you do what fulfils and nourishes you. If you've been dying to take a road trip or try out a new skill, now is the time to book that rental car or schedule a beginner's class. What've you got to lose?
We know that this transit makes us feel adventurous — and those "I'll try anything" vibes translate directly to the bedroom. "Mars in Sagittarius can be our astrological catalyst to get out of our sexual comfort zones," says Liz Simmons, daily career horoscope writer for "However, it may not be a commitment-focused time, as Mars in Sagittarius needs to quench its sexual thirst, which may come with experimenting with different partners or having an open relationship." Try to be open-minded, and go where your mind, body, and heart guide you.
The downside of the next month is that we may feel restless, since this is a fast-paced transit that often causes us to bite off more than we can chew. Learning to be aware of when you're overextending yourself is key here. "While Sagittarius may mean well, over-committing to things is an issue to watch out for as Sag always like to go big or go home," says Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer for
Luckily, there's another transit on the way that can help balance out that energy. "Mercury also enters Capricorn on December 13, which can be the mental stressor we need to structure our actions accordingly," says Simmons. "Although Mars and Mercury don’t aspect each other, they can still help each other out. Mercury can pinpoint Mars’s goals then add a method to the madness."
Another transit to look out for is the square between Mars and Neptune in Pisces on January 11. "This will make us feel a little more stuck in the mud, unable to move one way or another, and also very lazy," says Lisa Stardust, the author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck. "Don’t try to move forward on this day, but use it as a way to escape and evoke your daydreams and fantasies." Journal, daydream, and get those creative juices flowing around this time — it'll help combat the sluggish energy of Mars and Neptune's connection and make you ready to take on the rest of the month.
Ultimately, Murphy says we should feel free to enjoy the upbeat, exciting attitude that Mars in Sagittarius bestows on us — with just a few caveats. "Use this transit to move, explore, wander, and shake it up, but also don’t gloss over the daily details that can get lost in the 'eat, drink and be merry' vibes of Mars in Sagittarius," Murphy says. "Sag is the least detail-minded of all the signs, so enjoy the big-picture vision — just don’t forget to mail your rent check or follow up on the check engine light in your car before your epic road trip."
Overall, Mars in Sagittarius is giving us the energy we need to finish 2021 out strong and enter into 2022 on a positive note. The mantra here? If you can dream it, you can do it.

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