Why Did We Need The Bones/No Bones TikTok Videos To Remind Us To Prioritise Self-Care?

Grappling with the reality of a world in the throes of COVID-19 hasn't been easy. From lockdown fatigue to working-from-home burnout and not being able to see loved ones, our mental health has unquestionably been affected. So it's no surprise that we're all just looking for glimpses of hope, and heartwarming reasons to smile.
Cue the Bones or No Bones Day phenomenon. No, it's not a Halloween gimmick, but rather what some have described as 2021's new viral daily horoscope of sorts, since it tells you whether it's a day full of energy to manifest your dreams and get your to-do list done, or one to take a break and prioritise self-care.
The concept was born from US-based social media manager Jonathan Graziano's popular TikTok videos, where he holds up his 13-year-old pug named Noodle to see if he is having a Bones or No Bones day.
If Noodle stays standing when Graziano lets go, he's having a Bones Day and so are we! Like Noodle, we've got the energy to give it our all that day and make things happen. But if Noodle lies down instead, it's a No Bones Day and we can indulge in some much-needed rest and recreation.
With millions of views, Graziano's videos have inspired people to film their own clips, with examples such as people not going to work or scheduling an exam because it's a No Bones Day. In the US, Louisiana State Governor John Bel Edwards even encouraged locals to get vaccinated on October 21 because it was a Bones Day.
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In an interview with Slate, Graziano explained that a Bones Day "is where you take the thing that I think you were putting off doing, or the thing you were scared to do, or you weren’t super motivated, and the bones day is the day you do it."
Speaking to the New York Times, Graziano said the No Bones Days are "days where you just need to be very kind to yourself, sensitive of others, wear your sweatpants, take a bubble bath, self-care."
While we shouldn't necessarily need to rely on a pug on social media to tell us we can embrace our full potential on any given day, it's a source of hope and inspiration in a time where it's simply too much to ask ourselves to live each day like it's a Bones Day. The No Bones days can be liberating and music to the soul, while the idea of having Bones days reminds us we will get our checklist done when we're rejuvenated, even if today's not that day.
On that note, I'm secretly hoping tomorrow's a No Bones Day. Noodle, it's now over to you.

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