Mars Is In Libra, So Chill Out (For Now)

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No matter what kind of restrictions you're under, this time of the season always feels like a particularly productive time. And this year, Mars' move from orderly Virgo into diplomatic, lawyerly Libra, where it will remain from 14th September to 30th October, will add to the quietly productive air of spring.
Mars is known for being the Planet of Anger, Action, and Desire, and it has a reputation for being strong-willed or even aggressive — but those qualities will take a backseat for now. "As Mars enters Libra, we will find that our actions are slow to start as we choose to be more passive than normal," says Lisa Stardust, the author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck. "Passive" isn't always considered the sexiest quality around, but it's one we can really take advantage of as we head into the more chaotic parts of this season.
Mars actually doesn't love being in Libra — as we mentioned, Mars is an action planet and Libra is pretty chill. But, Stardust says, when Mars enters Libra, Venus will be in Scorpio, kicking off what's known as a "mutual reception" that can offset some of the typical tension this low-vibe pairing might bring up. In this case, although neither Mars nor Venus is at its best in Libra and Scorpio respectively, they're each in the sign the other rules, and as a result, they can help each other out. "They’re giving each other strength even though the planets are in the signs that they are the least powerful in," Stardust explains. "They are swapping energies and feeding off each other."
Besides Mars and Venus vibing out, there are a couple more aspects to look out for during Mars' almost-two-month stay in Libra, both good and bad, according to Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. "Mars will form an opportune trine with Saturn in Aquarius [on 25th September]," she says. "This is one of the best aspects for planning, and could bring us recognition for earlier efforts on long-term goals."
Mars will also square Pluto in Capricorn on 22nd October, before the red planet exits Libra and enters Scorpio. "This is one of the most intense astrological aspects, possibly leading us to confrontations, arguments, and bitter fights," Montúfar says. Here, knowledge is power — if you can prepare yourself for this intense energy, you'll be sure to make it through with minimal damage. Mars in Libra is all about embracing peace anyway, which will hopefully take the edge off this upcoming planetary clash.
The square may be especially impactful on your romantic relationships, so take extra care in that arena. Madi Murphy, co-founder of The Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution, says that in general, Mars in Libra brings partnerships front and centre, so now's the time to practice rationality and fairness if things go awry. "Composure, compromise and grace are all powerful arrows in your quiver now," she says. "Try to infuse your communication and thinking with all three and see what happens."
But while we may have some work to do around our relationships, Mars in Libra also redirects our focus outward — to social justice causes. "Mars has warrior energy, but this warrior is less concerned with aggro things like conquering the competition, and more so with diplomacy and compromise. This shifts the focus from the normally 'me' centred planet into a 'we' centred energy," Murphy says. "Pain, disharmony, and conflict all happen and are part of life, but it’s important to shift how we respond to them. Use this time to pour some energy, money, or focus into a cause you care about that makes an impact on your community or our larger collective."
While it's true that many of us are feeling fatigued after 2020 — and by the continued disorder that's stretched into 2021 — supporting causes we care about can help us feel grounded as we inch towards the finish line of this year. Use this Mars in Libra energy to stand up for what's right: support your colleagues who have been treated unfairly, lift up labour unions, and give what you can or raise your voice to support causes that are close to your heart.
Mars in Libra is all about being strategic, diplomatic, and fair. And, as Murphy says, this is not a time to sit back and be silent.

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