Why We’re Psyched About Bethenny’s New Show

You know that feeling of bursting at the seams with breaking news reserved only for your best female confidants — the sparks (or slow misfire) of a first kiss, the fit of our new favorite jeans, financial woes (but I needed new shoes!). While we’ve got a healthy circle of girlfriends, there’s always room for one more. Enter: Bethenny Frankel, whose new daytime talk show on Fox, Bethenny, boasts her no-nonsense-tell-it-like-it-is attitude — the stuff best friendships are made of. Ladies, prepare to divulge.
The premiere spanned a breadth of topics and assured us, like we didn’t already know, that she's ready to discuss anything: men’s love of big butts, women’s grooming habits, why she feels energized after sex, infertility issues, raising children, and jacuzzi dalliances. And, we really do love her unselfconscious, fearless approach to... everything. In an at-home beauty segment that offered money-saving tips and DIY alternatives, she smashed avocados on her head and smeared sour cream on her armpits (apparently, it can help with razor bumps, who knew?!), but it also proved that her humor is far from hollow — she’s got information to share, and, more importantly, she wants her show to be about your burning questions. Now, that's a friend.
While some critics felt that moments of the debut were contrived or scripted, most agreed that her brand of openness is a welcome change. Duh, Ellen DeGeneres (the executive producer) gave her seal of approval, and, yes, we give ours as well! What do you think? Will you join Frankel-fever and tune in daily, or does too much taboo leave you nauseous? Catch clips of the premiere episode here...Bethenny's way past Bravo.
Check the schedule to see when (and, grr, if) Bethenny airs in your city.
Photo: Via of Bethenny Frankel

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