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This Gear (Actually) Makes Working Out More Fun

If you're used to hitting the gym or peppering your schedule with SoulCycle classes, making the transition to home workouts may have posed some challenges. Whether you're working on your fitness inside a small space (*raises hand*) or just plain prefer sweating in a group setting, we're right there with you — which is why we've rounded up a fresh batch of home-gym gear that will make working it out in your living room actually fun.

From genuinely chic yoga mats to dumbells that don't look borrowed from your dad's basement, there's a whole world of well-designed and modern workout equipment to spruce up your space. But, since we know it's not just about looks, we've also added in accessories that you might not have found at your local gym. Think weighted jump ropes, mini trampolines, and balance domes that really take things to a whole new level. Ahead, find all the gear that will (actually) make your workouts more fun.

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P.volve P.ball

Tone your thighs, glutes, and core with this resistance band-and-ball contraption, which is perfect for standing knee raises, fire hydrants, bridges, and more.
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Blogilates Dumbell

Dumbells are all created equal, right? Wrong. These hand weights (also available in 3lb and 5lb) feature elevated gold accents and a cushiony foam handle for comfortable gripping. (So you can focus on your searing biceps instead.)
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Rē•spin Premium Booty Band

We'll have whatever Halle Berry's having — which when it comes to her fitness routine, includes her very own brand of workout accessories, including this funky printed resistance band, perfect for sculpting buns of steel.
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Lululemon The Reversible Mat

What's better than getting two yoga mats (a smooth and textured surface) in one? Getting two yoga mats with a funky tie-dye terracotta print that reminds us of Antelope Canyon.
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Bala Bangles

The bestselling wearable ankle and wrist weights that broke the internet are back — and with a Lisa Frank makeover. Don't miss out on snapping up these technicolor Bala Bangles and making an excuse to workout with them on the regular.
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36-Inch Folding Trampoline

If you've got room in your home gym, it doesn't get more fun than incorporating rebounding workouts into your fitness regimen. (I will go on record saying that a trampoline cardio class is one of the most challenging ones I've ever tried.)
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Bosu exGen Home Balance Trainer

Here's something you probably haven't tried, but doesn't it look fun? Increase your stability (not to mention, fire up that core) with this textured balance ball that can be used myriad ways: Flip it round side up and use it to support your back during crunches, or flip it over (round side on the ground) to challenge your body during mountain climbers, push-ups, and more.
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The Mirror

You wouldn't want to drop $1,000+ only to let something collect dust, would you? Mirror's high-tech take on home fitness features virtually every kind of workout, and for a limited time, you can score $350 off with promo code NEWYEARS21.
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Crossrope Weighted Jump Rope Set

If you crave the free-spirited joy of playground fun but want every muscle to be on fire the following morning, a weighted jump rope is for you. Plus, it's ideal if you want to squeeze in a full-body workout but are short on time.
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The DB Method DreamDiscs

Gliders secretly seem fun since you're basically surfing across your carpet or floor, but beware — they will set every muscle (even the ones you didn't know you had) on fire with every mountain climber, pulse, and lunge.
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