Game Of Thrones Fans Chided For Loudly Eating McNuggets At Kit Harington's Play

Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock.
Game of Thrones is over for the season, but the series' fandom knows no bounds. In particular, love for Jon Snow is thriving — much to the displeasure of some seasoned theatergoers on London's West End.

British stage producer Richard Jordan penned a seething piece about how impolite audiences are today. Jordan was particularly rankled by the rude behavior at one recent performance of Doctor Faustus, starring Kit Harington. "What amazed me most was this audience, many of them Game of Thrones fans, could see nothing wrong in talking, eating, and taking pictures throughout the show — or complaining when asked to stop," he wrote in The Stage.

Most hilariously, Jordan claims that one couple "saw nothing wrong in producing from their bag a box of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets and a large side of fries." He continued, "It was like listening to eating in Dolby Stereo, and sadly at the expense of being able to properly hear the lines being spoken on stage."

The whole debacle was, for Jordan, an example of "how today some West End audiences have changed, especially when attending a popular TV star-led revival." He even argued that the production was tailored for this new demographic, "many of them first-time theatergoers who are drawn to classical theatre or new writing because of his star casting."

In other words, people are there because they are in love with Kit Harington. Come on, guys! Don't embarrass Jon Snow like that. Put your nuggets down and enjoy the show. (The Guardian)

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