Brie Larson's Latest Instagram Reveals Something Weird About Fame

Brie Larson is clearly adjusting herself to the realities of her newfound celebrity.

The Oscar winner has already given us this perfect moment when asked about being an “It Girl.” Now she’s back at it again with the dope posts. Larson posted a collage of herself pulling weird faces to Instagram.

Unlike past posts, like Britney Spears’ La Jetee homage, this was culled from “hidden weirds” snapping Larson on the street. Sure, the faces she’s making might seem strange, but can you imagine if people were taking pictures of you while you were walking around? The closest equivalent that comes to mind is transcribing a conversation. Our brain edits the pauses, the “um”s, and the half-started sentences into coherent English. But listen back and you’ll hear just how little actual English people are speaking. So that’s what’s going on with these photos.

Now let’s all go out in public and make weird faces for paparazzi.

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