Chloë Grace Moretz Shares Baby Pics From Her Actual Birth Day

Chloë Grace Moretz turned 19 on February 10, and in honor of her date of birth she blessed fans with some throwback pics from back in the day. And by back in the day, we mean literally the day she was born.

As you might have guessed: She was a cute little babe. Her mom shared a first shot of Moretz's first moments on Instagram, along with a pretty sweet caption.
"19 years ago this little nugget made my heart sing and she's still doing it. Happy birthday Chloe Grace!!! I love you to infinity and beyond," she wrote.

After seeing her mom's photo, the 5th Wave actress followed up with one of her own. "Hey mom, sorry for all the hell I give you, but thank you for birthing me 19 years ago today," she cheekily captioned the photo. "I guess I'm pretty thankful for that ;) - Love, Chlo"
As for what "hell" she's been giving her mom all these years, we can only imagine. But if there's anything juicy there, neither of the Moretz ladies are spilling — at least not now. Maybe next year?

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