This Comic Is Tackling A Sexual Orientation That's Rarely Discussed

The representation of LGBT characters in media, including comic books, is getting better. Even so, many of them often overlook the full QUILTBAG spectrum, especially asexuality. Archie Comics, however, has just revealed that one of its classic characters, Jughead Jones, is actually asexual (meaning he's not sexually attracted to anyone).
In Jughead Issue #4, which comes out on February 10, Jughead's asexuality is confirmed in a casual exchange between Jughead and a friend. But Archie writer Chip Zdarsky gave fans a clue as to what was to come in an interview with published in September, explaining, "I like an asexual Jughead. That's more interesting to me than writing him as just being behind everyone developmentally." Fans of the comic, as well as people happy to see asexual representation, have taken to Twitter to express their support.


Though asexual characters in media are rare, Jughead isn't the first example in modern pop culture. Game of Thrones' Varys and Sirens' Voodoo are both confirmed asexual characters.

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