Your Wear-To-Work Sneakers Just Got Even Cooler

Remember those velcro kicks you loved as a kid? Well, they've officially gotten a re-boot thanks to It Brit designer Christopher Kane, who launched his first sneaker collection today exclusively on Net-a-Porter.

These aren't your average recess shoes, though. Following the fashion industry's recent infatuation with comfort, Kane's eight varieties (made in both low- and high-top styles), are crafted from an array of out-there textures — think neoprene, lace, pony hair, and more. Then, they're topped off with an elastic strap and buckle from yesteryear, which, while it may look just like the ones on bicycle helmets, has actually been one of the designer's trademark touches since his first fashion show for spring 2007.

"My philosophy has always been to create collections and products that are new and exciting, and that challenge perceptions," the designer said in a press release of the launch. "For my first sneakers collection, I wanted a shape that was clean and minimal, and could be worn by all ages. Balancing sportiness and fashion, they are easy to pull on with jeans or an evening dress."

With a super-lightweight sole, colorful prints, and a curve that caters to the wearer's foot, these babies are begging to become one of our go-tos for both day and night. Click through to see the complete collection and remember, the holidays aren't that far away (Hint! Hint!).

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