The Obamas' New Dog Is Almost As Cute As Bo

Oh, Bo. Whatever's going on in the rest of the country, whatever things President Obama is or is not doing, we can always look to you for a good, old fashioned squee! That soft fur, those paws, your insane tongue, the fact that you appear to have no eyes at all — it's all gold! But now, there's a new pet in town. Her name is Sunny, and she looks a lot like Bo, but rest assured, we're not letting her steal the spotlight. They will share the spotlight, and our affections, which rather than being split in half have instead been multiplied by about four thousand.
Sunny is, like Bo, a hypoallergenic Portuguese Water Dog. She is about a year old and was born in Michigan, but she just arrived at the White House yesterday. So far, her duties consist mainly of frolicking, playing, and jumping around, but she will certainly be endowed with further responsibilities, such as looking cute and taking walks in the near future. And, being a presidential dog, she even gets her own introduction video:
Almost too cute for words, right? This should make things a bit easier for the First Lady, who previously stated she had to arrange doggie playdates for Bo because he wasn't getting enough dog interaction with his own kind. Which makes us wonder, is it weird to arrange a doggie playdate for ourselves? Because we could use some more fluffy interaction, too.
Photo/Video: Via The White House.

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