Katniss' Wedding Dress Is Real, And It Is Fabulous

We had seen glimpses of the ornamental white gown in the Catching Fire poster reveals, but finally — the "wedding dress" of Miss Katniss Everdeen has appeared. And while we hate her wedding and everything it stands for (Down with the Capitol! President Snow is a jerk!), we do like fawning over how lovely Jennifer Lawrence looks and the fact that, omigosh, November is only four months away. Certainly, we will bide our time until then by composing odes to Katniss and Peeta, practicing with our bow-and-arrow, and trying to figure out what the real-world equivalent of a groosling is, because what else would we be doing? Living our lives? Hardly. (Also, please important question: Is Caeser/Stanley Tucci wearing a bump-it? We say, yes. Yes he is.) (Entertainment Weekly)

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