Beyond The Swan: 5 Of Bjork's Wildest Looks

Bjork holds a special place in our hearts. Not only does she refuse to listen to anyone about what (and what not) to wear, but she's been making awesome music for years, to the beat of her own thoroughly unique drum. From shocking the Fashion Police to inspiring one of the Internet's best memes, the original Queen B's style history is something to behold.
All most people remember these days is the infamous swan dress — but we thought it was worth poking through the archives to see what other out-there getups our lady of Iceland has tried in the past. Check out her craziest looks, then go listen to her music for an hour, and don't even try to tell us you don't feel inspired to break some rules.
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At the MTV Europe Movie Awards in 1996, apparently wearing the hide of a creature from Star Wars.

Photo: Richard Young/Rex USA.
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With the late Alexander McQueen in a bejeweled face mask (naturally) in 2003.

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Onstage in London, 2008, during an infestation of puffballs.

Photo: Brian Rasic/Rex USA.
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Being attacked by metallic butterflies in 2010.

Photo: IBL/Rex/Rex USA.
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With her daughter at a film premiere in Helsinki, 2010.

Photo: Lehtikuva OY/Rex/Rex USA.

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