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Yoni Yes! Yes! Yes! Cbd Lube

At Donna Cleary
Honor Yoni and bring back pleasure. This salve has been reported to extend arousal and climax significantly while blocking any pain that occurs during sex. It’s time to start talking about this ladies! A third of all women experience pain with sex. That number goes up to half after menopause. And 20% of women have Endometriosis. This lube also contains calendula, which has been used traditionally to heal cervical dysplasia. This is a solution for many issues related to female bodies. Yoni Yes! Yes! Yes! blocks pain, decreases inflammation and extends orgasms by changing the perception of skin and muscle. It takes longer to orgasm and you’re feeling it the entire time. Massage into sensitive areas up to a few hours before intercourse. Effects can last anywhere from 4-8 hours. CBD is added to this yoni healing lube.