Earth Tu Face

Yarrow + Rose Sitz Bath Soak

At Storq
This thoughtful blend of all-natural ingredients is designed to provide immediate relief from post-birth discomforts. Developed exclusively for Storq by Earth Tu Face. Who — Developed to support and aid in the recovery of new mothers postpartum, but can also be used throughout pregnancy and all other times as well. What — Restorative bath soak crafted with healing plants and minerals to help reduce discomfort and speed recovery postpartum (soreness, stitches, et al.). Also great for use anytime as calming bath soak or aromatherapeutic facial steam. How — Place 2 ounces (approximately 1 large handful) into boiling water. Steep fragrant herbs until the mixture is a comfortable temperature and strain it into a shallow tub or sitz bath (google it!) to soothe postpartum discomforts and support healing.