Wrist Rest Support Pillow

Color:Arm Green Purchase Notes: We believe that when something is handmade and there is passion, energy and attention paid to each piece, you get originality and quality you can't find in mass-produced products. Handcrafted products are unique but not accurate like machine made, size or color allow to have slight errors and due to cotton fabric material, natural fold will disappear with more use. How to clean: Take off the wrist rest and keyboard rest cotton cover (whole mouse pad) and throw them to washing machine with soft washing, tumble dry and hang them in shade. Why you need this Keyboard & Mouse Wrist Rest: Our hand-crafted mouse keyboard pad help you to relax and feel happier while working at your computer or laptop. It’s time to treat yourself well and replace the stiff chemical filled gel pad with a soft washable cotton pad, no bad smell of glue and eco-friendly, providing elastic support for easy typing and wrist pain relief, perfect for gamer, students, office workers, design, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, available for computer, PC, laptop, mac book pro, apple.