Wood Desk Organizer

At Etsy
Around here it gives us a lot of repellent that the computer keyboard fills with dust, so we couldn't resist designing something that would help us fight it. With this organizer our work desk or study table is cleared and tidy at a time and its different compartments help us to store small objects such as SD cards, business cards, pendrives, bed bugs, bowling... In turn, its two largest holes will serve to leave our mobile (connected, if necessary) and our cup, which can be removed with your cork insert, fulfilling the function of coasters. The keyboard of the photo is very large, so if you have a modern and minimalist equipment (we will not name marks, ejem) under the coffee table you will also enter the mouse and otherwise you want the legs slide along the surface of the coffee table so that you can adjust them to the size you need. The entire Osaka collection presents oak as the protagonist and a very special cork as a complement. MORE INFORMATION Oak Material Size 50x15x6.5cm