Wives, Fiancées, And Side-chicks Of Hotlanta

&ldquo-Whitfield, star of Bravo&rsquo-s reality television show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, makes her fiction debut with this tale of a young woman overwhelmed in the big city.&rdquo- &mdash-Library Journal - Fresh out of college, Sasha Wellington&rsquo-s got her career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur all planned out. When fate points her to Atlanta, she sets out to make her dreams come true . . . - Before she knows it, Sasha&rsquo-s befriended by two rival BFFs. First there&rsquo-s Norman, savvy stylist to Atlanta&rsquo-s stars, from the A-list on down. Then there&rsquo-s Paris, an outrageous personality with a questionable nightlife. Between their antics, Sasha&rsquo-s beyond grateful for her coworker, Casey. Married to an NBA player, Casey&rsquo-s got class. But there&rsquo-s more than meets the eye to being a baller&rsquo-s wife. And the more time Sasha spends among the movers and shakers, the clearer it gets that just like on reality TV, the truth lies behind-the-scenes. Still, she&rsquo-s not worried about getting caught up in the drama&mdash-until she&rsquo-s romanced by a baller of her own&hellip-