Golden Rays Sunscreen Spf 50+ Melanated Tint

At Kinlò
What makes your product formulated for melanated skin? Each product is formulated to address the needs of people with more melanin in their skin, something that many product lines simply ignore. Our suncare products use tinted formulas, designed to blend into melanated skin without white or ashy residue. We also understand the ramifications of sunlight on the skin. Our product takes into account that high energy visible light causes hyperpigmentation (a major issue for melanated skin). This product is formulated to protect against high energy visible light to preserve your melanin. In addition, more melanated skin tends to need more hydration, so nutrient-rich ingredients such as safflower and jojoba oils, glycerin and shea butter have also been used to preserve and restore moisture. Can this be used on all skin tones? How often do I need to reapply? Is this waterproof? What SPF is best to use? Is this sunscreen chemical or mineral?