Del Moment

Wave Shirt

At Del Moment
Ride the Wave. Our signature Wave Shirt embodies all that we stand for, being ‘of the moment’. The wave shirt enhances your internal power to embrace the waves of your emotions, memories, and moments in life. Turning your ebbs and flows of emotion into your superpower. This dream shirt is made to empower: owning your flow and waves of moments through time. The duality two-tone from front to back mirrors the concept of the ability to change your past with your future and being proud of all that you are, knowing that every moment forms the beauty of your individuality. The signature wave detail curves and flows from your heart down your central column, the middle ‘Dantian’. Double the wave, double the power by pairing the Wave Skirt for ultimate flow (and chic) levels. This is our hero piece, make it yours too. With 10 wave buttons signifying independence and infinite possibilities, the wave shirt is here to make waves in your existence and wardrobe. Enjoy this moment.