Water Generating Planter

At The Grommet
This self-watering planter draws in air through its unique water generating system to ensure a consistent supply of moisture laden air. Constant airflow plus a cooled environment inside the Dewplanter means that water droplets will naturally form as moisture in the air condenses. The generated water droplets are then directly channeled into the plant's roots through the drip irrigation system, ensuring a healthy supply of water over time. Instructions: Hold the button to turn on. Press button to cycle through settings to set how many hours per day water generation operates. Dewplanter will turn on at the same time every day. When starting out, test various settings without any soil or plants to see how much water is generated to find one that works for you. Longer settings generate more water Programmable timer allows you to control amount of water generated Works great for almost any plant Can help balance humidity levels in a small, humid spaces such as a bathroom One tree planted for each planter sold in partnership with the nonprofit One Tree Planted Made in China