Kn95 Face Mask 50pcs

5 Layers of Protection, stronger filtering effect and more breathable Easy to Use: Hold the elastic bands over your ears and press the metal strip around your nose to create a light seal around your face Black Face 50pcs: These can be used for daily protection;Not intended as a replacement for gas and medical Disposable and cannot be washed Store in a dry and ventilated location 23DegF - 122DegF (-5DegC - 50DegC) Product Features: 1) Soft and breathable fabric 2) Magic nose bar 3) High elastic earhook 4) Seamless connection point Usage method: 1) Pull the anti-fog inner flap up and pre-mold the top metal strip. 2) Position elastic loops behind ears. 3) Mold the top metal strip to the bridge of the nose,then pull the bottom portion of the past your chin and secure the bottom metal strip. ✔ Package:s *50 Pcs ✔ Color: black Note: 1) After using thes, try to store it as flat as possible, and do not fold it frequently to prolong the service life of the product. 2) After use, please do not discard it at will. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer you 24 Hours Customer Service.