Wake Up Light Led Alarm Clock

【Sunrise & Sunset Simulation】The sunrise simulation is using the LED light that gradually increase brightness from warm red to bright white to wake you up naturally in 10-60min. In the sleeping mode, LED light will gradually dim from the brightness level to off to help you get sleep in 10-120min. 【Dual Alarm & Snooze Function】You can set 2 different alarm times with the two alarm buttons, one for weekdays and one for weekend. There is also a snooze function which gives you another 9 minutes (up to 5 times) to sleep until the clock ringing again. 【7 Natural Sounds Alarm Clock & 7 Colors Light 】The light alarm clock owns 7 natural sounds with 16 levels volume adjustment, and it have 7 colors light can manual/automatic switching of the light.This wake up light can be also used as atmosphere light,reading light, bedside lamp. 【FM Radio Clock】The radio alarm clock supports manual/auto searching radio stations and automatically saving the radio stations to the playlist. It can also be used as a regular radio throughout the day. Moreover, the radio can also be set as an alarm ringtone. 【Personalized Settings】You can set 12-hour clock or 24-hour clock time display; There are 20 levels of brightness and you can choose a proper brightness level so that you will be wake up comfortably and naturally;there is a USB charging port behind this alarm clock which can charge your phone or other devices.