The Vamp Stamp

Vixen Wing Eyeliner Stamp

WHAT IT IS: A modern winged eyeliner stamp.. WHAT IT DOES: Perfect wings are a matter of preference. Are you more Modern Feline than Vampy Retro Kitty? If so, Vixen is for you. A thinner, straighter impression makes this new style the perfect choice for a chic look that works on most any eye shape and size. Use with Vink for a sleek wing that takes your makeup looks straight to the top.. &bull. Stamp head made of silicone &bull. Vink®. Eyeliner Ink sold separately. HOW TO USE IT: 1. Dip Vixen into Vink®. Eyeliner Ink or your favorite cushion or liquid liner. Make sure stamp is fully coated with ink. 2. Align to the edge of your eye and press on in a quick stamping motion to avoid smears. 3. Continue line along upper lid to complete the look. 4. Repeat on opposite eye.