The Nue Co.

Vitamin D (0.51 Fl. Oz.)

At Cult Beauty
With roughly one in five people having low vitamin D levels, it’s no wonder that The Nue Co. have carefully crafted their own supplement spray to boost your intake. Designed to work alongside a healthy lifestyle and diet – note: it’s difficult to absorb sufficient vitamin D from food alone – this vegetarian-friendly spray steps in when rays of sun are few and far between. Supporting everything from your immune function and the absorption of key nutrients to your mood and muscle health, vitamin D is indispensable, to say the least. It helps to boost your immune system by interacting directly with the cells that fight infection, plus it promotes the absorption of calcium: vital for the normal function of your muscles and bones. The potent spray is made to deliver 375% of the daily value of vitamin D and as a sublingual spray, it has an impressive 2.6% higher absorption rate compared to capsules.