Sou'Laes Audio

Vinyl Stabilizer

Custom TTL edition vinyl stabilizer from Sou'Laes! Similar to our TTL Record Weight, the Sou'Laes Vinyl Stabilizer is designed for discerning DJs and audiophiles to improves the sound of your vinyl by lessening unwanted vibration coming off the record. Weighing in at 500 grams (or 1.1 pounds) the stabilizer applies a firm pressure on the record to the platter and can also temporarily level the surface of imperfect vinyl. (note: this is not a solution for warped records). For DJs, the stabilizer nullifies the bass feedback created by club systems and improves the sound quality at all frequencies. Usually loud bass from a club system is enough to skip the needle, but with this, the vinyl is stabilized and tracking is greatly improved. Milled of solid aluminum with foam patch underside to protect your record labels. Comes in black matte finish with carry pouch.