Vintage French Champagne Coupe Glasses (set Of 2)

At Food52
Cheers to gorgeous stemware! When it comes to happy hour, matching glasses are a thing of yore. We're opting instead for a delightful menagerie of shapes and patterns to delight our party guests and holiday friends. Handpicked in France, these sparkly vintage champagne coupes aren't your tall solemn flute-shaped type and are especially talented at making every night worth celebrating. Since these are lovingly sourced one by one, every coupe differs slightly in size and shape—giving your after dinner drinks a beautifully eclectic feel. Choose from a traditionally classic style or opt for an ornate look with the etched version. Each order includes a set of two. We're not letting the champagne and sparkling wine have all the fun either: Why not raise a glass to these plucky non-alcoholic cocktails inspired by the classics, or try your hand at a gin number. Free Standard Shipping on Orders $149+ and Easy-Breezy Returns