V6 Origin Cord-free Vacuum

At Walmart
The Dyson V6 Origin Cord-Free Vacuum gives you the famously sought-out suction power of a Dyson with the ability to maneuver around unattached from an outlet. The power dense Dyson V6 motor uses digital pulse technology and spins at up to 110,000 times a minute. Its motorized cleaner head, with thick bristles that spiral around, cleans up any floor type. Dyson cord-free vacuums are balanced around the hand, which is also easily detachable for cleaning up cobwebs in corners and dusting lampshades. This vacuum is perfectly slim and stores anywhere, as well as its size and flexibility allow it to go underneath dressers and beds with ease. Find a new level of soft and clean carpets with the Dyson V6 Origin Cord-Free Vacuum.