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Unified Theory Of Everything Me & Eu

At Trouva
ME & EU is a collection of postcards written and designed by UK-based creatives and sent across Europe as a means to reconnect the United Kingdom with the EU in the wake of Brexit. The weeks following the referendum brought a global sense of division and disconnect as people evaluated their response and as voters of both ‘remain’ and ‘leave’ imagined the possibilities of a post-EU Britain. ME & EU is one such response. At a time of introspection, ME & EU aspired to look outwards, to reach beyond island shores and reconnect. The ME & EU postcards provided an intimate medium for individuals wishing to remain in touch to express their message visually: many are quiet, personal, and heartfelt, others are dissenting and defiant. Together they form a powerful and passionate voice with an underpinning spirit of humour and positivity.