Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Large

Plug type:A Manual: Japanese made in china It is a fragrance that mist generated by ultrasonic waves diffuses the scent. For large rooms, you can use just the lights. [Caution] Be careful not to pour water beyond the water level upper limit line, as it may cause malfunction. Ultrasonic moisture aroma diffuser that delivers moisture with fragrance in a large volume mist. It features plenty of mist that you can enjoy fragrance even in a large room. If you turn on the light, you can enjoy it as a light. About 3 times the ultrasonic aroma diffuser, 90 ~ 100ml mist per hour, spread the fragrance and moisture in the space. With 12 levels of brightness adjustment function with 12 LED lights. Can also be used as lighting. Includes a four-stage timer for 180/120/60/30 minutes. The continuous use time is about 3 hours, and the electricity bill per hour is about 0.41 yen.