Ultra Thin Magnetic Eyelashes

DIOVERDE 12 PCS Magnetic Eyelashes, 3D Magnetic Eyelashes, Ultra Thin, Natural Look, Upgrade Fiber and Reusable Magnetic Fake Eyelashes, best Magnetic Eyelashes for 2019 PACKAGE INCLUDES3 x Pairs of 20mm Magnetic Eyelashes (12 pieces).1 x Pink Tweezers Designed for Magnetic False Eyelashes HOW TO USE THE MAGNETIC EYELASHES1. Hold one piece of magnetic false eyelashes over your natural eyelashes.2. Position the lash on top of your natural lashes, so that the outer edge is in line with the edge of your natural lash line.3. Leave the top lash where it is and pick up the bottom lash.4. Place the bottom lash under your natural lashes, so that it meets and connects with the top lash magnet.5. Customize your lashes by trimming the ends to fit your desired length. HOW TO REMOVE THE MAGNETIC EYELASHES1. Gently slide the magnetic eyelashes apart from each different with your index finger and thumb. 2. Try to avoid pulling the eyelashes straight off, as this may alter the shape of the eyelashes. HOW TO TAKE CARE OF EYELASHES1. Remove the magnetic false eyelashes off before washing face or showering and sleeping. 2. Gently handle them when applying or removing the magnetic eyelashes. 3. Always remember to store the magnetic eyelashes in the case when not in use.4. The magnetic false eyelashes do not cover the entire eyelids but are meant to cover two-thirds of your eyelashes toward the outer corners. CREATE THE LONG, THICK, GORGEOUS EYELASHES OF YOUR DREAMS IN SECONDS!