Tongue Cleaner For Fresh Breath, 3 Pack Anti Bacterial Tongue Scraper Plastic & Stainless Steel

Come and get fresh breath right now!. Are you annoyed with bad breath? Are you always find that you still have oral problem even though you brush your tooth every day? Simpleme tongue cleaner help you remove plaque and bacteria, driving away bad breath. Bring you back fresh breath. So that protect you from serious infections in mouth . - The benefits of tongue scraping are that it improves breath and immunity plus increases the sense of taste. This helps with decreasing the chances of dental infections and may stimulate the digestive system. - Half of oral bacteria resides on the tongue. It has been shown that a tongue scraper is 50% more effective than a toothbrush at cleaning the tongue. -Our design provides for a better grip while cleaning the tongue and is well built to last for a lifetime of oral cleaning Features -Made of safe plastic &- stainless - Perfect size, fit for unisex -Secure Grip for easy positioning -Designed to reach farther back into the tongue for effective toxin removal - Remove plaque and bacteria -Portable carry case - Fit for travel Package 2 Plastic tongue scraper 1 Stainless tongue scraper An Amazing Gifting Set!. Do not hesitate to make this purchase Thank you for any purchase in our shop! We are aimed at offering perfect shopping experience for every customer.