Theragun G3pro Deep Tissue Massager

THE PROFESSIONAL DEEP MUSCLE TREATMENT EXPERTS TRUST. Most advanced deep tissue massage device to effectively relieve muscle tension, soreness & pain. Activates muscles fast. Backed by 10+ years of research & development. ULTRA-COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC HANDLE. Hold our ergonomic Theragun Triangle handle from multiple grips & treat hard-to-reach areas like your lower back more comfortably than other massagers. 50% QUIETER THAN PREVIOUS MODELS. Designed by MIT engineers to decrease overall sound without compromising the power of its industrial-grade motor. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE FEATURES + SWAPPABLE BATTERIES. Features an adjustable arm w/ 4 perfectly angled arm positions, 2 scientifically tested speeds, 6 pro-designed attachments & swappable rechargeable batteries for continuous use.