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The Queen Brief Cut Underwear

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Ethically made, comfortable bikini cut undies! These bottoms are finished with stretch elastic around the waistband and simply turned back around the leg holes. Be sure to check out all the drop down options and choose one from each to see the main photo update accordingly. Please note the matching bralettes are mesh and completely sheer – we have airbrushed our models nipples for silly male based social media rules. Ordering a set size? Please take a look at our Sizing Chart and choose based on your current measurements. Remember – measurements and sizes mean nothing aside from how much fabric and thread is needed to create your garment. Our model Patricia, in chocolate, is wearing a 3X with a custom 4X waistline. Our model Shenelle, in cocoa, is wearing a 2X with a 3X waistline. Interested in customizing this order but unsure about how to measure? Visit our How to Order page for tutorial videos. Then enter your measurements in the appropriate boxes below. These undies are available in multiple stretch meshes. For further information on our fabric types – stretch, weight, drape, comfort, etc – scroll down to read more.