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The Original Turkish Towel Pea Green

At wolf and badger
What can we say about the Original? This Turkish towel is a timeless classic literally woven into the fabric of Turkish culture. A super light striped towel the Original is purposefully tight and flat woven to prolong it's shelf life. As you use, wear and wash this Turkish towel the natural starch is released and the fabric relaxes, which means over time it will become incredibly soft. Incredibly versatile the Original is great to use whilst travelling, camping, or at the gym, pool and yoga. Folding down to around 26 x 12 x 5 cm it takes up minimal room so can be tossed into your bag or used in the home if you are looking to space save. As with all of our super light weight Turkish towels, the original also makes a great scarf, sarong and, believe it or not table linen - a poster child for minimal living. Tip: One of our lighter weight weaves, the Original is the perfect accessory to accompany you on your travels, road trips and festivals fitting easily into your tote or backpack.