The Laundress New York

Wash & Stain Bar

QUICKLY REMOVES STAINS: Dissolves oil-based stains such as makeup, pit stains, and grease. SPOT TREATS: Removes stains from non-launderable clothing and upholstery. IDEAL FOR TRAVEL: Use it in place of laundry detergent while traveling. THE ULTIMATE CLEAN LAUNDRY SCENT: Our Classic scent creates a luxurious laundry experience with its blend of lily of the valley, jasmine, sweet musk, sandalwood, and citrus. ECO-FRIENDLY: Made with only plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. Free of dyes, unnecessary additives, and fillers. The Laundress products are always tested on our founders, Gwen and Lindsey, and never on animals. The Wash & Stain Bar was designed to clean those hard-to-reach stains, from "ring around the collar" to tricky underarms, delicate straps, and more. We love this soap for spot treating clothing and upholstery, hand laundering, and washing on-the-go. Airplane travel friendly & animal cruelty-free. Our start-to-finish laundering collection is scented in Classic, the ultimate "clean laundry smell." Ideal for dirt, grease, and oil-based stains such as ring-around-the-collar, cuff discoloration, lotion, makeup, and salad dressing. This bar is also effective on gum, sap, tar, and sticky residue. The soap bar works the fabric or yarn while removing the stain at the same time, which makes it ideal for knits, sweaters, straps, underwear, and waistbands. Stains build up over time. We recommend pretreating with every load to prevent and remove stains and odors. While you may not notice a stain today, it is especially important to pretreat areas that are susceptible to buildup, such as underarms, collars, and cuffs. Ninety percent of items labeled "dry clean" can be laundered using Delicate Wash or at least spot treated. Dry-clean-only or unlaunderable items such as suits or upholstery can be spot treated using the Wash & Stain Bar to remove stains and odor. This soap bar is not only great for removing stains—it can also be used for hand washing bras, underwear, swimsuits, and other clothing items while traveling.