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The “dear Self,” Duo

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What You Get: The "Dear Self," Duo includes the "Dear Self," Prompt Deck paired with the "Dear Self," Notepad + Sketchpad. Why You'll Love the Set: They were literally made for each other! The "Dear Self" Prompt Deck puts you in the driver seat of your self-coaching and self-work. The "Dear Self," Notepad + Sketchpad is the perfect companion for writing your prompts and storing your thoughts surrounding them. And, lastly, but certainly not least, purchasing the set means savings. You are saving 10% by buying these items together. What to Expect: These prompt cards ask you to do work to reframe the stories you tell yourself. Each card features fill-in-the-blank spaces for you to create answers that are personal and relevant to you. Feel free to express yourself by completing the prompt aloud or through writing. These cards are sturdy but smooth satiny to the touch. The two-part box features a matte textured finish. The "Dear Self," Notepad + Sketchpad is a two-in-one pad. When flipped on one side, all of the pages are notepad pages. When flipped on the opposite side, all of the pages are sketchpad pages. The pad ships wrapped in shrink-wrap. The pad feels thick but not too heavy to carry with you throughout your day. It'll fit nicely in a large purse, a backpack, or a work bag.