Fair Winds Press

The Body Language Advantage

Discover the Hidden Signals People Are Sending You!. The Body Language Advantage is your secret weapon to understanding and using nonverbal communication, speech patterns, and vocal tones to spot and head off problems in your relationships, succeed professionally, recognize deception, and determine what people really mean.Written by world-renowned communication and body language expert Lillian Glass, Ph.D., this book will show you how to quickly and accurately analyze a person&rsquo-s behavior and character, so in no time at all, you&rsquo-ll know more about that complete stranger across the room than his friends and family probably do&mdash-and he&rsquo-ll be none the wiser! And you can use your skills anywhere&mdash-from the interview room, to business meetings, to social events, to your own home.Through more than 95 full-color photos and accessible instructions, Dr. Glass teaches you how to expertly examine all aspects of body language, from facial expression and movement, to body posture and behavior, to voice tone and speech content, so you can get the whole picture quickly and efficiently, and use it to inform your own reactions and decisions. She also shows you how to recognize the top ten toxic types of people&mdash-so you can effectively deal with such individuals in your life.